Save The Date June 18th

Attention Phinney & Greenwood Business Community

SAVE THE DATE! June 18, 2012 at 7:00pm

On Monday June 18th at 7:00pm, the PNA’s Business Membership Group and local business volunteers are hosting a networking event to bring everyone together.

What’s this all about you wonder? PNA is preparing an email invitation with all the details that will arrive in days.

If you don’t receive their email, please write to us at so we can include you.

A Quick Bit-o-History

When we last wrote to you (on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce) in March of 2012, we informed you that the Chamber’s new Task Force (renamed PhinneyWood Business Group) had voted to temporarily suspend operations of the Greenwood/Phinney Chamber of Commerce. Since then, we’ve been meeting every week in an effort to create a plan for better serving the businesses in our neighborhood. We defined our mission as follows:

PhinneyWood Business Group connects, supports, and promotes our community businesses, helping to make Greenwood and Phinney a great neighborhood to live, visit, work, and play.

This restated mission seemed so consistent with how the PNA operates that the PhinneyWood Business Group began looking at ways the business community and the PNA could more closely ally themselves. And in reality, the Chamber and the PNA already worked together on a number of community events and programs.  So why operate an independent chamber of commerce? Why not simply unleash the potential of the PNA’s existing business membership? With this idea in our hearts and the best of intentions for a stronger organization to support the local business community, we closed the Greenwood/Phinney Chamber of Commerce office and have directed our energy and attention towards building a more robust Business Membership Program at the PNA. We hope you will join us June 18th to learn more.

Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

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